Add or Update Blockout Space

POST [PlatformAddress]/api/1.0/venue?action=addOrUpdateSpaceBlockoutundefined

Add or Update Space Blockout

  "success": true,
  "id": 10

Example Request

Add Space Blockout

  "venueId": "107",
  "name": "Space Blockout API",
  "spaceId": 1,
  "startDateTime": "2018-03-05 03:00:00 UTC",
  "endDateTime": "2018-03-05 06:00:00 UTC",

Update Space Blockout

  "id": 10,
  "venueId": "107",
  "name": "Updated Name"




Whether or not the Space Blockout was added to the venue


The unique id of the Space Blockout



Specific Code: 24270

The request is empty

Specific Code: 24271

The Space Blockout does not exist

Specific Code: 24272

The Space Blockout details are invalid

Specific Code: 24273

An unknown error has occurred

This call takes values for a Space Blockout, and either

  1. Updates the values for that Space Blockout (after you have provided an id in the parameters), or

  2. Adds the Space Blockout to the system (if the id parameter is missing)

    1. The result of this call will contain the status of the result (either true or false) and the Space Blockout identifier of the updated or newly created Space Blockout.

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