This documentation will explain iVvy notifications. In our system, it is referred to as a subscription and each event type is a notification.
For terminology, you subscribe to an endpoint. There are several endpoints available and will provide the changes related to that specific endpoint.

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iVvy offers notifications that will send you details of a specific object that you wish to subscribe to. There are several notifications available and you may subscribe and unsubscribe to whichever notification is necessary for your development.


You can test using this fantastic website:
This website will assist you in receiving webhook information during your testing.

Subscribing To A Notification

Following on the instructions we have available on our website:
You can use the following subscription endpoints:
Request Body
The request body to be provided to the endpoints is a JSON body with the key being the name of the notification endpoint you wish to subscribe to / unsubscribe from. And the value being the URL you are using to receive our notification.
The same object is required when interacting with either endpoint described below. The notification endpoints available are described below.


/api/1.0/account?action=subscribeToNotifications - POST
This endpoint will allow you to subscribe to a new notification type.
The response that you will receive will be very similar to this. It will show you the current status of all of the notifications that you currently subscribe to. In the example below, this is a response when subscribed to the companies notification.
"eventsSuccess": false,
"eventsTopicId": null,
"venuesSuccess": false,
"venuesTopicId": null,
"paymentsSuccess": false,
"paymentsTopicId": null,
"crmSuccess": false,
"crmTopicId": null,
"contactsSuccess": false,
"contactsTopicId": null,
"companiesSuccess": true,
"companiesTopicId": "arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:2:iVvy_Account_41_d7_NotifCompanies"
When you have subscribed to a notification, the endpoint you have provided will receive a message containing specific information about the notification you have subscribed to. Below is an example of a message from the iVvy API.
"Type": "SubscriptionConfirmation",
"MessageId": "9a55edb6-b3e8-4cef-9eee-6d302d24c5ac",
"Token": "2336412f37fb687f5d51e6e2425f004ae03ffa22ff5caccf7d0",
"TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:232528047142:iVvy_Account5_d7336c818a0bf60d087_NotifCompanies",
"Message": "You have chosen to subscribe to the topic arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:232528047142:iVvy_Account5_d7336c818a0bf60d087_NotifCompanies.\nTo confirm the subscription, visit the SubscribeURL included in this message.",
"SubscribeURL": "",
"Timestamp": "2020-09-14T00:10:13.086Z",
"SignatureVersion": "1",
"Signature": "bvcrDYRbbqYK6aXAOAIK0e+W/Bs0kr6VQMyoNQ==",
"SigningCertURL": ""
In the JSON object above, you’ll notice that there is a message and it will say something similar to the below:
To confirm the subscription, visit the SubscribeURL included in this message
There is a SubscribeURL attribute. You will need to contact this endpoint which will complete the registration of the subscription for that URL. You will not receive any notifications until you have contacted this endpoint.


/api/1.0/account?action=unsubscribeFromNotifications - POST
Note: Use the body request that you used in the subscribe endpoint.
Should you wish to no longer receive notifications of a particular type.
"eventsResult": 2,
"venuesResult": 2,
"paymentsResult": 2,
"crmResult": 2,
"contactsResult": 2,
"companiesResult": 1
The response example above shows the result of unsubscribing each endpoint. The integer value will be one of the following:
The notification endpoint has been unsubscribed, and will no longer receive notifications
Not Requested
The notification endpoint was not in the api request
Unknown Error
An unknown error has occurred, contact iVvy tech support
Not Found
The notification endpoint was not found in the list of subscribed endpoints
Incorrect Source
You must unsubscribe with the API key that was used to subscribe the notification endpoint
Status Not Confirmed
The notification endpoint cannot be unsubscribed until it has been confirmed


Company Endpoint

Notification Sends
This notification will be sent when a company has been modified or created.
  • Company has been updated.
  • Company has been created.
  • Company has been deleted.

Contact Endpoint

Notification Sends
This notification will be sent when a contact has been modified or created.
  • Contact has been updated
  • Contact has been created
  • Contact has been deleted

Opportunity Endpoint

Notification Sends
This notification will be sent when an opportunity has been modified.
  • Opportunity is updated
  • Opportunity is added
  • Opportunity is deleted
  • Tasks is updated
  • Task is created
  • Task is deleted
  • Activity is updated
  • Activity is created
  • Activity is deleted

Invoice Endpoint

Notification Sends
This notification will occur when a modification to an invoice occurs. This includes when payments are applied against an invoice.
  • Invoice is created
  • Invoice is updated
  • Payment is applied to invoice

Booking Endpoint

Notification Sends
This endpoint will trigger when booking, accommodation or reservations have been created / modified.
  • Booking is Added
  • Booking is Updated
  • Booking is Deleted
  • Booking Accommodation is Added
  • Booking Accommodation is Updated
  • Booking Accommodation is Deleted
  • Booking Room Reservation is Added
  • Booking Room Reservation is Updated
  • Booking Room Reservation is Deleted
  • Booking Moved - A special notification to handle when a booking in iVvy has been moved.