Getting Started

The iVvy API allows apps to integrate directly with the iVvy product suite. Some typical use cases include:

  • Connecting a Customer Relationship Manager with iVvy

  • Connecting a Point of Sale System to iVvy Venues

  • Pushing Availability, Rates & Inventory into iVvy Venues through a Central Reservation System or Property Management System

  • Connecting an Accounting Package with iVvy Events or Venues

The API described in this document follows an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) paradigm. Each RPC method is grouped into a few higher level namespaces to help organise this document in a more logical manner.

iVvy takes security very seriously and the API described in this document has been designed to be as secure as possible.

  • All transport has been secured by utilising industry standard TLS

  • Key generation can be done first authenticating with the iVvy backend system

  • All requests must be signed using the key/secret pair to prove the request was made by a valid key

  • All requests have a time limit to avoid future replay attacks

To help you get started we offer sdk libraries in C#, and Javascript.

Next Steps:

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